6000 Years, Not Just a Theory - Ryan McCoy

6000 Years
Not Just a Theory
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This study is designed to take a closer look at the evidence for a period of 6000 years for the work of salvation and a 1000 year or “millenial Sabbath.”  The purpose is not to “date set” but to put forth evidence that we may definitely be living in the last generation, and that Jesus’ second coming may be closer than we think.


Bible Examples


7th day Sabbath rest – a day for God is 1000 years

·         “But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” -2 Peter 3:8 (Note the subject is the promise of the second coming here.)


Enoch – The 7th from Adam was translated


Israel gathered a double portion of  “bread” on the sixth day

In the last 1000 years there has been a great increase in Biblical knowledge which could be called a “double portion.”


The land was to rest every seventh year


The small cloud, “like a man’s hand” & rain came in “the seventh time”


Speaking of God’s deliverance, Eliphaz spoke to Job

·         He shall deliver you in six troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall touch you.” –Job 5:19


Ezekiel’s Vision of Heaven


Jericho fell after 6 days and victory was obtained on the Seventh





Ellen White


o       “Enoch was a marked character. Many look upon his life as above what the generality of mortals can ever reach. But Enoch's life and character, which were so holy that he was translated to heaven without seeing death, represent what the lives and characters of all must be, if, like Enoch, they are subjects to be translated when Christ shall come. His life was what the life of every one may be who closely connects with God.” {GW92 383.1}

o       “Now Enoch was a representative of those who will be upon the earth when Christ shall come, who will be translated to heaven without seeing death.” -1SAT 32 (1886).  {LDE 71.3}

o       “For his faithful obedience to God he [Enoch] was translated. So, also, the faithful, who are alive and remain, will be translated. They will be removed from a sinful and corrupt world to the pure joys of heaven.”  {2T 121.1}


o       “Christ, amid His sufferings, and being daily rejected of men, looks down the lines two thousand years to His church which would be in existence in the last days, before the close of this earth's history.”  {Ms 148, 1899, pp. 2-14. ("The Need of Self-Surrender," October 8, 1899.)} (released from White Estate Washington, D. C. April 26, 1956) {1MR 371.3},{3SM 18.2}


ORL Crozier



Conclusion & Call

It seems fairly evident from even basic calculations that the Lord’s second coming is very near, “even at the doors.”  Patiently the Lord is waiting.  He is waiting for you.  The only question that remains is, what will you do with the time you have left?  Let’s seek the Lord while he may be found.