Creating a Disciple-Making Church by Dr. Russell Burrill

Creating a Disciple-Making Church

Learn how your church can be more effective and efficient in spreading the gospel throughout your territory. Learn how local lay leaders can work with pastors to facilitate the work of evangelism.


  • 01 - The Challenge of the Harvest
  • 02 - What is a Disciple?
  • 03 - The Passion of God
  • 04 - Recreating the Discipleship (part 1)
  • 05 - Recreating the Discipleship (part 2)

Dr. Russell Burrill, is Professor Emeritus of Andrews University Seminary, and retired director of the North American Division Institute of Evangelism. He is the author of Revolution in the Church, Radical Disciples for Revolutionary Churches, and The Revolutionized Church of the 21st Century. His most recent book is How to Grow An Adventist Church.

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