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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

A Bible based media ministry dedicated to end time presentations, studies, health, news, & information because Jesus is coming soon!

Production Services

Sealing Time Ministries
Production Services
for Evangelistic Meetings & Church Events

    Sealing Time Ministries is a Christ centered, Seventh-day Adventist supporting, energetic and talented multimedia ministry.

     Our goal is to share the gospel message to all the world with a concentration on a large scale media approach.  We work with churches, conferences, and other supporting organizations to produce quality Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and live internet streaming and video on demand (archives).  We offer our media production services for evangelistic and church events as well as church related training seminars.  We are familiar with each step of the video production process including camera work, video mixing & titling, digital recording, live internet streaming, post production, BDR/DVD/CD production and sales. 

     Hollywood has used media for years because it is an effective tool to present ideas.  Studies have shown that because media affects more than one of our senses it can be used as an effective and powerful teaching tool and is also more likely to be remembered later.  We believe that when used along with traditional methods, media is a powerful tool to reach many more souls that might not have been reached previously.

     Because of this, Sealing Time Ministries has been working since 2002 to spread the gospel to the whole world through media evangelism.  We believe that Jesus is coming very soon and we want to do all we can in finishing the work and helping to bring people to decisions for Christ.

     If you would like to schedule a production event please contact us to discuss the details.  We will work hard to insure that your event goes smoothly and reaches as many people as possible. 

References & samples available.

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Video Production Services

  • Overview
  • Technical
  • Production
  • Streaming
  • Benefits
  • Training
  • Costs
  • Clients
  • Commendations


  • Heavy duty, turbo diesel, air ride, climate controlled, mobile television production truck ready to go anywhere in North America with a reletively quick setup time.
  • Full 1080i/p and 4K High Definition professional video mixers
  • Canon 1080i/p High Definition, Widescreen, Excellent Low Light Cameras with Professional LANC Zoom Controllers & Fluid Filled Tripods
  • Full 1080i/p Presentation Capture
  • Extremely Compact Secondary Portable Systems
  • Broadcast Quality Recording
  • Live Stream Webcast to Multiple Destinations
  • Own and Manage our own Reliable Streaming and Hosting Cloud Servers
  • Redundant Recording Systems to insure the Quality of your Production
  • High Speed Blu-ray/DVD/CD Production
  • 16 input/output HD-SDI matrix switch with Wifi/LAN iPad/PC/Mac control allows independant control over all IMAG screens/locations and platform monitors
  • Experienced Operators
  • Technology Training

Video Mixing System

  • NewTek 1080i/p Full HD wide screen professional video mixing system
  • BMD 4K Ultra HD profesional video mixing system
  • Dual Mixing Systems - Mix, Record and Stream 2 Meetings Simultaneously
  • Native 16:9 widescreen format compatible with all modern televisions/projectors
  • Flexible camera quantities (1-8 currently depeing on mixer used)
  • Tally light system keeps talent informed which camera to address at all times (NewTek mixer only)
  • 1080p High Definition presentation input for PowerPoint/Windows or Macintosh/Keynote Slides (HDMI, DVI, VGA or available network port)
  • Picture in Picture and other incredible Digital Video Effects for presentations that stand out


  • Two Massive, Professional 10,000 Lumen, 3 Chip, DLP, HD Barco arc-lamp projectors have incredible color and amazing brightness!  These projectors can be flown on trusses.  (HD-SDI and DVI inputs only)  These projectors require 240 volts and ~12 amps (2,850 watts) each.
  • Sanyo 4,500 lumen Projector also Available

Onscreen Titles

  • Custom Onscreen Titles & Overlays
  • Logo Insertion


  • Long Distance Digital Audio Runs
  • Flexible Audio Inputs
  • Dual Professional Wireless Microphone Systems (Sennheiser)
  • Countryman E6i Over-the-Ear Hypercardiod Microphone for Excellent Feedback Rejection
  • Cardiod Lapel Microphones for Feedback Rejection


  • Hot Swap Digital Hard Drive Recording
  • Studio Quality 100-220MB/s Recording for the Highest Quality (AVI, Mpeg-2 or MOV)
  • Uncompressed SSD recording also available
  • Redundant Recording Systems
  • Unlimited Meeting Length
  • Large NAS Storage Onboard Production Truck


  • Canon 1080i/p Full HD, Widescreen, Excellent Low-Light Cameras with Professional LANC Zoom Control
  • Incredibly Slow Camera Zooms up to 2 Minutes from End to End


  • 660'+ Capable HD-SDI (uncompressed) Heavy Duty Camera cable runs
  • Over 7,000' of Cable Available (HD-SDI, Cat5e, Cat 6a, XLR, VGA)
  • Digital audio convertors for ultra long audio runs with no buzz or hum
  • Thousands of feet of HD-SDI cable
  • Thousands of feet of Cat5e cable
  • Thousands of feet of Cat6a cable (double shielded)


  • Onboard DMX Lighting Controller
  • 4, High Efficiency, Flicker Free, RGBA LED PAR64 lights available.  These lights can be used for either supplemental lighting or vibrant colored accent lighting.  Millions of colors are possible!
  • 3, 32x32 6500K spectrum (daylight), High output/low wattage flourescent softbox lights for professional shadowless light, and beautiful camera color 

Tally Lights

  • On camera LED tally light system to queue talent as to which camera to address and also inform camera operators as to live camera.  (NewTek mixer only)

Professional HD IMAG control

  • 16 input/output HD-SDI matrix switch with Wifi/LAN iPad/PC/Mac control allows independant control over all iMag screens/locations (With embedded sound!)


16 input/output HD-SDI matrix switch with Wifi/LAN iPad/PC/Mac control allows independant control over all iMag screens/locations - See more at: http://www.sealingtime.com/services/media-production-services/production-services.html#sthash.EufNZZQ6.dpuf

AVCHD/Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Authoring & Production

  • High Speed AVCHD/BDR/DVD/CD Production
  • High DPI, 6 color automated robotic disc publishing with vibrant colors!
  • Protect your intellectual property with Blu-Ray and DVD Copy Protection (Makes DVD's nearly impossible to copy or be ripped through a cutting edge new technology.)

High Quality Internet Video/Audio Streaming
(internet connection required)

  • We own and operate our own server and live streaming company and have experience in large event streaming.  We serve multiple other Adventist churches that are streaming through our system every week.
  • Gigabit streaming server connection supports many clients
  • Scalable Multicast Quality (from dial-up to HD broadcast)
  • Stream to multiple Social Media networks simultaneously (Facebook, YouTube, Roku, Ustream, Livestream and more)
  • Scalable streaming from small to very large events.
  • Universal Mpeg-4 streaming to Flash and HTML5 players for maximum compatibility (Apple iOS compatible)
  • Visitors can watch/listen from your existing website or ours.
  • Video/Audio archive storage for sharing after your event.

Benefits of Media Evangelism

  • Easy Access — Global reach is not hampered by many traditional barriers.
  • Reaches People Where They Are — Some people won’t come to meetings but are much more likely to watch them.
  • Reaches the Unsure & Skeptical — Some want to learn more before they are ready to come to meetings.
  • DVD/CD’s can be used for pastoral and evangelistic follow up.
  • Reach shut-ins and those who cannot attend for health reasons.

Technology Training

  • Technical Training
  • Switcher Training
  • Camera Operator Training

Costs to Consider

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly production rates available
  • Fuel (for production truck)
  • Travel Expenses (food and sleeping arrangments)
  • Paid Camera Operators or Bring Your Own Local Volunteers (we can train)
  • Our prices vary by the location, size and equipment needed for the production. 
    • Some costs can be offset by letting us handle media production and distribution. 
  • Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  • Please contact us as early as possible to discuss your event schedule.  This is very important to avoid conflicts.  In some cases we have events scheduled well over a year in advance!

Why would you choose Sealing Time Ministries for your production needs?  Well take a look at some of our clients, distributors and broadcasters.

Production Services

  • Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
  • Islam and Christianity Seminars
  • North Pacific Union Conference (Pathfinder Camporee)
  • Multiple Amazing Facts speakers
  • North American Division of Evangelism Institute (NADEI)
  • Gem State Academy
  • Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NCC Evangelists, and also Redwood Camp Meeting)
  • Northwest Religious Liberty Association (NRLA Prophecy Festival)
  • White Horse Media & Rekindle the Flame Ministries (joint summit series with STM)
  • Many churches


  • Review and Herald (now part of Pacific Press)
  • Remnant Publications
  • Amazing Facts
  • White Horse Media
  • Many Adventist Book Centers

Broadcasters that have Aired our Programs

  • PBS
  • Better Life Broadcasting
  • Good News TV
  • Many other independent TV stations
  • Many Radio Stations


Many more to be posted soon!

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