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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

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The Crowning Act, Satan Appears as Christ - Ryan McCoy

The Crowning Act

Satan Appears as Christ

by Ryan McCoy

This explosive study, “The Crowning Act, Satan Appears as Christ” unapologetically sweeps back the darkness and reveals Satan’s desperate last day plans for deception. Exposed!; Satan’s devices and goals, false miracles, manifestations of supernatural power, music, worship, the ultimate plan of secret societies, Satan’s camp meetings, and the counterfeit second coming of Christ.

Chapter Titles:
 1. Why This Study is Important
 2. Unsound Doctrines
 3. Satan's Appearance
 4. Why Satan Appears as Christ
 5. False Miracles
 6. Satan's Goals
 7. Secret Societies Will Bring About the Last Scenes
 8. The Threefold Union
 9. Where?
 10. When?
 11. Words of Warning
 12. How Satan Elicits Worship
 13. Satan's Camp Meetings
 14. Worship, Music and Apostasy
 15. Halloween
 16. Christians, Harry Potter and Similar Books and Videos

Video sections and run times:
Part 1 - Introduction, Why This Study is Important, Unsound Doctrines, Satan's Appearance, Why Satan Appears as Christ, False Miracles (34:29) 

Part 2 - False Miracles (continued), Satan's Goals, Secret Societies Will Bring About the Last Scenes, The Threefold Union, Where, When (1:07:18)

Part 3 - When (continued), Words of Warning, How Satan Elicits Worship, Satan's Camp Meetings, Worship, Music and the Apostasy, Halloween, Christians, Harry Potter, Magical Books and Videos (1:34:57)

This mini-series is part of the Ready or Not, Here I Come comprehensive final events series and reflects a work in progress.  This is the first time this program was presented and we only did a simple recording, so we apologize if not everything in the program is perfect yet.  More amazing material is in the process of being added to this message and we are planning on professionally filming and releasing a updated version to be announced at a future date.  The final meeting was filmed at a church members house as they rent their church facility and it wasn't available at that time.

RYAN McCOY is a Seventh-day Adventist lay evangelist as well as an author, speaker, director, producer and founder of Sealing Time Ministries.  Ryan is passionate about finding Jesus throughout the wonderful details of Earth's last day events and has a gift for sharing these in a way that anyone can understand but also with a depth that even the most studied can appreciate.  Ryan has authored (or is currently authoring) over 22 books and video series on the subject of final events with topics including, the Spirit of Prophecy, Signs of Christ's Return, the Seal of God, Mark of the Beast, the Sealing Time, the 144,000, Sunday Laws, Disasters and National Ruin, Country Living, the Shaking, the Latter Rain, Persecution, Satan's Appearance as Christ, the Seven Last Plagues, the Close of Probation, Second Coming, Heaven and the Millennium, the Lake of Fire, and the New Earth.  He also has a number of other presentations on the topics of efficiency and alternative energy, a personal testimony, vinegar (health), theater and drama and a special inspirational talk on David Crockett and the Alamo, the Sabbath, and Adventist History (Standing firm for what you believe in the last days.).  Ryan has also been a featured speaker at a number of churches and camp meetings.

Ryan also has the distinction of being the fifth great-grandson of Congressman David “Davy” Stern Crockett.  David Crockett died defending the Alamo in 1836 in what later became the State of Texas.  Because of his family history, Ryan uniquely understands what it means to draw a line in the sand and take a decided stand for what is right, no matter what the cost.  Ryan has been a featured special guest at the Alamo for official ceremonies.  He was also an honored guest at the 180th Anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo.  Ryan has also been featured on 3ABN, Adventist WorldAdventist World, Adventist ReviewAdventist Review, Adventist News Network (ANN) and many more.  He has also been interviewed by Smithsonian Magazine and had photos taken by the History Channel.

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