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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

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The Crowning Act, Satan Appears as Christ - Ryan McCoy - This explosive study unapologetically sweeps back the darkness and reveals Satan’s desperate last day plans for deception. Exposed!; Satan’s devices and goals, false miracles, manifestations of supernatural power, music, worship, the ultimate plan of secret societies, Satan’s camp meetings, and the counterfeit second coming of Christ. .... -AVCHD Blu-rays, Blu-rays, DVD, MP3, CD and book are now available. Archived video and audio is also now available.

If MY People... - Alex Rodriquez - In Matthew 24, Jesus promised that when this gospel was preached in all the world, then the end would come.  Simple enough, right?  But the problem is, we are now over 170 years passed the great disappointment when we believe Jesus entered the Most Holy place in the heavenly sanctuary and judgment began.  How long does judgment take?  Have you asked yourself why Christ has not yet returned?  The Bible teaches that God’s promises are true–His faithfulness is unquestionable.  This certifies that He means what He says and will do as He's promised.  Yet, he delays.  Could this delay be of our own making?  Is it possible that the reason Christ has not returned is because His chosen remnant have not engaged the end time work as the Lord planned?  This six part presentation explores the Biblical formula for church growth, the required elements for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the catalyst for the 2nd Advent.   .... -AVCHD Blu-rays, Blu-rays, DVD, MP3, and CD are now available. Archived video and audio is also now available.

And Call the Sabbath a Delight - Jo Ann Davidson - The Sabbath is one of the profound blessings of our faith that I have always appreciated. In fact, I thought I had a rather complete grasp of all there was to know about the Sabbath. I knew it started at sundown Friday evening, that the seventh day was the biblical Sabbath, and that it was important to guard the edges of the Sabbath, etc. I rejoice that the Sabbath is much more than knowing the right day--although that, of course, is of key importance. Even more it is a day of royal fellowship with the Creator, in His palace in time. .... -AVCHD Blu-rays, DVD, MP3, and CD are now available. Archived video and audio is also now available.

Lightning on the Mountain - Jo Ann Davidson - A general consensus exists that the Decalogue has exerted more influence on ethics and law than any other part of Scripture, or any document outside of Scripture. In Roman Catholic moral theology, in Protestant ethics, and in Wester law the Ten Commandments have been foundational for millennia. Legal codes of the Middle Ages were often prefaced with the Ten Commandments. Many commentaries have been written on the Decalogue by both Christian and Jewish authors. From the very beginning, human beings had the power of choice. They were free to make genuine decisions. The divine command to themwas to assist them in making the right choice, but the choice was theirs. .... -AVCHD Blu-rays, DVD, MP3, and CD are now available. Archived video and audio is also now available.

What About ISIS? - Tim Roosenberg - A 40 minute presentation on the role ISIS may play in the third and final conflict of Daniel 11. This presentation will show from the flow of events and from prophecy why we appear to be at the turning point, when this conflict becomes a “Holy War”. In the prophecy, the “Holy War” will be like a whirlwind followed by the final warning to the world. You and I could be watching the beginning of the end. .... -Blu-rays, DVD's, MP3's and CD's are now available. Archived video and audio is also now available.

Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy - Tim Roosenberg - In this 10-part series Tim Roosenberg will help you understand a remarkable prophecy in Daniel 11and 12. This prophecy starts in Daniel’s time and chronologically unfolds through the time of Christ, extending through our time and on to the end of the millennium. This prophecy includes a future, major conflict between Islam and Christianity. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to understand Bible prophecy and current events more clearly than ever before and face the future with confidence and peace. -#5 MESSAGE UPDATED- -Blu-ray's, AVCHD, DVD's, CD's, MP3's and the Book (printed by the Review) are all now available. Archived video and audio is also available.

Islam and Christianity Daniel 11 Seminar (UPDATE) - Tim Roosenberg - In this series Pastor Tim Roosenberg will share his much sought after understanding of Daniel 11. This is an abbreviated form of his 10 part Daniel 11 series "Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy." (Those who do not know the reformers Historicist method of prophetic interpretation may do better with the more basic 10 part series.) In this 4 part series Pastor Tim will show that much of the prophecy of Daniel 11 has already been fulfilled. In the second presentation Tim explains the 3 predicted conflicts between Islam and Christianity. He shows how two have already happened and the 3rd has entered the ‘whirlwind’ and is gaining in intensity. During the 3rd presentation Tim explains why he does not believe atheistic communism is the final King of the South, and connects E. G. White, Daniel 11 and the 'Loud Cry'.   Archived video and audio is also now available.

Sealing Time Ministries Newsletter - Very Old Book About Sabbath & the Seal of God (re)Discovered! - Thomas Tillam - The Seventh Day Sabbath Sought Out - 1657 - FREE DOWNLOAD - "The Seventh-Day Sabbath Sought out and Celebrated, or, The Saints last Design upon the man of sin, with their advance of God's first institution to it's primitive perfection, being a clear discovery of that black character in the head of the little Horn, Dan. 7:25. - The Change of TIMES AND LAWS - With the Christian's glorious Conquest over that mark of the Beast, and the recovery of the long-slighted Seventh day, to it's ancient glory..."  -Thomas Tillam, Minister of the Gospel (1657)

CLOSING EVENTS CHART by Elder Gordon W. Collier Sr - This vibrantly colored chart leads you from the events of 1844 and the beginning of the Investigative Judgment through the final events to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Many topics are included, such as the cleansing of the sanctuary, national and universal Sunday laws, the Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast, the shaking, the early and latter rains, the loud cry, the close of probation and the Time of Trouble. Used as a teaching aide in Adventist seminaries, study groups, and homes across America, this chart is one of a kind. It is very detailed and great for in-depth study of final events. You will find many key Bible texts and Spirit of Prophecy (Ellen White) quotes that all describe the final events. This is one of the most detailed and sought after final events charts ever produced.

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