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Reversing Diabesity - Jack McIntosh

Reversing Diabesity

by Jack McIntosh

Reversing diabesity attempts to educate the church and consumers in general about a cluster of diseases known as Metabolic Syndrome. Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity account for 60-70% of medical care costs in the US. The bad news is that the stats show that obesity among church members actually tend to be worse than the general public. The good news is that in a very short period of time…less that 10 days, these trends can be reversed, and diabetes responds more quickly than the rest! Come and learn the three simple intervention that not only prevent but reverse diabetes and obesity.

Jack McIntosh is a Health Educator/Wellness Intervention Consultant, currently working with Wellsource, Inc., a company which develops wellness intervention software. As a health educator, he counsels clients on wellness intervention strategies. He received his Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Pacific Union College, Angwin CA. He has been on-air with 3ABN in public health education work since 1995. At Weimar Institute from 1997 – 2002, he did Public Health Education work.

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